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My first Bali vlog!

Hey everyone, here my first vlog in Bali! I hope you enjoy it! Many people asked me if I was here for school or holiday. The answer is for school, but these first weeks we’ve seen a lot. I also didn’t put shots at the projects in my video now. Also due to privacy reasons. …

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My first week in Bali!

Selamat pagi/siang/sore/malam everyone! (depends on time zone which one to use) I can’t believe I’m already (almost) one week in Bali, Indonesia. 😮 I’VE DONE SO MUCH IN THIS WEEK!! I’m sorry if my blog is long, I just have too much to say! So last Sunday was my last day at home. That day …

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1 day till Bali!

The time has been going so fast. I started my countdown somewhere with 150 days left and now there’s just one day left. Or maybe less than a day. Because I’ll be on my way already in 20 hours. What am I going to do?? I’ll be leaving to Bali tomorrow for my minor / …

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Summer 2017

Hey everyone! I’m pretty bad on keeping up with my blog…. I’m starting my new adventure to Bali tomorrow, but I didn’t even write about my summer yet. So hereby I’ll upload two blogs today. One of my AMAZING summer, and one about the adventure I’m about to start. So the week after my last …

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