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Southeast coast trip

Even before I left to Iceland Mathilde (who I know through AFS) told me that she and some friends were thinking on doing a roadtrip along the South East coast of Iceland. She was wondering if I would be up to and she would let me know when they were going. This would be planned …

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Iceland update

Í dag er fimmtudagur tólfti mars árið tvö þúsund og tuttugu. Ég heiti Anke og ég er frá Hollandi. Ég tale Hollendsku. Núna er ég á Íslandi. Ég bý í Reykjavík. Ég er að læra Íslensku í Dósaverksmiðjunni. This is what my language class often starts with. I´m almost halfway of my course and I´m …

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My first week in Iceland

Exactly one week ago I left the Netherlands and arrived on Iceland. One week already. Time flies! Some people have been asking what I have been up to, so with this blog I would like to give you a quick update. The past weeks I had been preparing for Iceland. Some practical stuff back home, …

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