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Volunteer Summer Summit 2018

    Volunteer Summer Summit 2018 Civic Education Against Extremism Utøya, Norway l 10-15 July 2018 Workshops followed: –  Grandma also has a say –  Diversity; a big mess or a useful tool –  ICL outside AFS borders   This year I was one of the lucky ones to get a funding for the Volunteer …

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Pengunjung dan Gunung Rinjani

So lately I’ve been trying to talk more and more Bahasa Indonesia, and surprisingly, it goes better than expected. I’m far far away from being fluent. But sometimes I can understand what people are talking about or answer simple questions in Indonesian. *Fun fact Bahasa Indonesia = Indonesian = literally language Indonesia.  So Dutch …

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Already one month?!

Wait.. Someone. Please tell me where the time went.. According to my agenda I have been on Bali for one month tomorrow. I really can’t believe that… Time went by way to fast. So I’ve been here for a month now and I’ve seen so much! I try to add as many pictures as possible …

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My first Bali vlog!

Hey everyone, here my first vlog in Bali! I hope you enjoy it! Many people asked me if I was here for school or holiday. The answer is for school, but these first weeks we’ve seen a lot. I also didn’t put shots at the projects in my video now. Also due to privacy reasons. …

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