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My first week in Iceland

Exactly one week ago I left the Netherlands and arrived on Iceland. One week already. Time flies! Some people have been asking what I have been up to, so with this blog I would like to give you a quick update. The past weeks I had been preparing for Iceland. Some practical stuff back home, …

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My last week in the US.. 4 weeks home already..

So.. It’s July 29th and I’ve been home for 4 weeks now. Time has gone by so fast!! I really miss the US and all the people I met there. Let’s go back in time and see what I’ve done. I told in my last blog that Eleni (my NL friend who visited me) would …

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Heey Everyone, It is a while ago I wrote my blog. I just have one week left in the US right now and I can’t believe it!! 😮 I don’t want to go home yet, I just want to stay a little longer with those amazing people here. I ended last time with my hbrothers …

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