Almost summerbreak!

Hey everyone, I’m almost done school for this year. Isn’t that great news! 😀

This week I have my finals of school.. And yeah, you might be thinking: ‘Shouldn’t you be studying if you have finals this week?’. That’s the same question that I’m asking myself… I guess I need a break from studying, so I decided to start writing a post again before I continue studying.

So what happened the last couple of weeks?

First of all the exciting news! We booked our tickets to Bali! I’m so excited!! I’ll be leaving the Netherlands (again) the 25th of September and I’ll be returning January 29th. This means this year I’ll experience Christmas, new year and my birthday in Indonesia! Sounds pretty cool right! There will be a lot more holidays, but I don’t know all of them. I heard Bali has like 200 holidays a year, so I’m curious how that will be.
There are also some more people who joined our group. Now we’ll go with a group of 21 students to Bali, where we will all work on different projects. I didn’t meet all of them yet, but I’m sure it will be really nice!
Also: my parents booked tickets to Bali! They found a good deal and they said it would be fun to see where I’ll be living for the coming months. I think they would get there the fourth week I’m there. Of course I would love to show them around, but I also think it is important to focus on the project I’m doing. So I won’t be with them the full time when they’re exploring the island.

The past month I did two biking tours. I started practicing with Eline and Jeannette so we were ready to go! The first tour was Wednesday May 17th. This was a tour organized from our school: “De Tour D’Avans”. We planned on doing the 100km route. But the group we biked with decided to go a little further. We ended up on doing 120km (which is around 75 miles).

Tour D’Avans 2017 #120km #finish

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Last week (June 5th) we had the other tour. This year was the 4th time I biked this tour: “de Friese fietselfstedentocht”. The idea is from origin from a skating tour which is 200km and goes by the eleven Frisian cities. I never experienced one, the last skating tour was in 1997, one week before I was born. But okay, the biking version. This time I biked for the 4th time and EVERY TIME I say I won’t bike it again.. It is a tour which consists of 235km / 146 miles. This year I biked with Eline and Jeanette. It was really windy, especially in the beginning of the day, which made it hard. But we finished! So that’s a thing to be proud of again!

We did it!!! ?? #elfstedentocht2017 #235km #fiets11

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I think that’s about it for now. I really have to continue to study right now..

See you later!

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