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My first video blog, Minnesota and Champaign

Hello everyone! I have some time again to write my blog. Today I’m not at school because I’m not feeling well. So all stuff I will do today is resting, writing my blog and I might start cleaning my room (which is necessary). This night I slept for like 9,5 hours and after breakfast and …

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A snake and packraces in Milwaukee

OMG I have a snake!! 😀 Heeyy everyone!! Here an update again from the USA! While I’m writing this a snake is watching me and it is snowing outside! SNOW!! Jayyy!! Last week was a pretty normal week for me. I had to make up some tests because I missed those when I was in Wichita …

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Scavenger hunt and Wichita, Kansas

Heeyy everyone! Be ready for a long blog!! Right now I am in a van on my way home after a weekend in Kansas. The drive is around 12 hours so I got time enough to write my blog again! (If my laptop doesn’t die, I don’t have a charger…). I am going every week …

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