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Almost summerbreak!

Hey everyone, I’m almost done school for this year. Isn’t that great news! 😀 This week I have my finals of school.. And yeah, you might be thinking: ‘Shouldn’t you be studying if you have finals this week?’. That’s the same question that I’m asking myself… I guess I need a break from studying, so …

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France, preparations for Bali and going back to Chicago?!

Hey everyone! What’s up! So last time I told you guys about me going to Bali starting this September. After I heard I could go there I promised myself not to book any other trips anymore so I could save up as much money as possible. But of course, I can’t stay away from ‘looking’ …

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1,5 year later….. A quick update

Hey everyone! I just realised my last blogpost was July 29th 2015. So why not giving an update of what has been going on to now. I have some really excited news too! So more posts will be posted after this one. So what’s been going on the past 1,5 year? Arianna: Last year we …

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My last week in the US.. 4 weeks home already..

So.. It’s July 29th and I’ve been home for 4 weeks now. Time has gone by so fast!! I really miss the US and all the people I met there. Let’s go back in time and see what I’ve done. I told in my last blog that Eleni (my NL friend who visited me) would …

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