Less than one week before departure :D

In one week I will already be in the USA and I will meet my family! ­čśÇ

Next wednesday I will leave for my year in Oak Brook, Illinois. I am flying with┬áBritish Airways. My plane┬áleaves10.20 (am) Dutch time, then I will fly to London and from there I go to Chicago. After my arrival in Chicago I have an short orientation with AFS and I will stay in a hotel that night. My hostfamily is going to pick me up August 14th at 1 pm (13.00). I am really exited to go! Can’t wait!! ­čśÇ

Last sunday I had a barbecue to say goodbye to family and friends. The weather was really nice and almost 50 people came to wish me a great exchange year. I really enjoyed it. I still can’t imagine I have to miss them for one year.

Tomorrow I will have my last running training in The Netherlands with Shorttrack Club Thialf. Today I had my last (shorttrack ice) training with my  team from Friesland. The last weeks I was still training here. The indoor inlinetrack is been dismounted for the contruction of the new Thialf stadium. So we did train on the summer ice and we did running and bike trainings.

shorttrack foto site


I have almost all of my luggage for the USA prepared now. I just need to add some stuff and I have to put everything in my suitcase. I can’t wait to leave and have this (I hope) awesome experience! ­čÖé

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